November 2018 Goals

These months are flying by! Less than three weeks until Thanksgiving, seven weeks until Christmas, and nine weeks until baby! Today I’m sharing my goals for the month of November and also checking in on my October goals!

October Goals Check-In:
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1. Baby To-Do List
Done! I also just ordered his diaper bag last week — we might need to find an alternative option for when Andy is flying solo with our little guy, because the one that I chose is a little feminine looking. ;)

2. Infant CPR Class
Hoping to register for this once our next community ed catalog arrives.

3. Celebrate 7 Years of Marriage with Andy
We exchanged cards and Andy bought me a bouquet of flowers, but we still need to go out to celebrate. October was just a crazy month overall, so we are hoping to do something fun to celebrate before the holidays hit.

4. Practice Self-Care
I unintentionally had a lot of time for this due to my crazy allergic reaction — I missed over a week of work but really used that time to take a lot of naps and watch tv. I also painted my nails for the first time in like a month and that felt amazing — its crazy how the little things really make such a difference.

5. Start Thinking about Christmas Shopping
My list is made! Just need to purchase the items — most of which will be purchased during online Black Friday sales.

November Goals:

1. Put up our Christmas tree!
We always put up our tree super early — typically the weekend after Halloween! I’d love to grab a few new decorations since we have a new house to decorate this year! We’d love to add some garland to our fireplace mantle and also the railings of our staircase, too!

2. Tackle these baby to-do’s*:

  • Order crib mattress

  • Order baby book

  • Purchase a glider / recliner for the nursery

  • Figure out diaper organization for nursery

  • Make some freezer meals with my sister — this might have to be in December though — depends on how crazy this month ends up being

  • Paint his dresser and maaaaybe paint his room the same color as our main level

    *I really want to make a dent in some of our baby to-do’s just in case he decides he’d like to arrive in December instead of January! ;)

3. Meet our Pediatrician
We recently decided to switch pediatricians and have an appointment to meet with him this week! I’m looking forward to checking out the clinic and asking a few questions!

4. Finish ALL Christmas Shopping and Wrapping
I did this last year and it felt amazing!

5. Go on a Holiday-Themed Date with Andy
This will most likely consist of grabbing a holiday drink and browsing holiday decor but it’s something that we both really enjoy each year!

What’s something you’d like to accomplish this month?
What’s your favorite part about November?
Mine is the anticipation of the holidays!