Friday No. 30

I’m linking up today to share some highlights from our week!

1. The other day, I started binge-watching this show and it is SO good! I listened to the podcast last year, but I must say that I think I like the show better! I’ve been watching episodes during my treadmill workouts and the time flies by so quickly because of this!


2. I’ve always loved children’s books (and hope to illustrate one some day!), but shopping for books is even more fun now that we are expecting a little one! You guys know I love anything seasonal, so taking a peek at the Valentine books the other night while we were out was a must! We purchased these shelves for his nursery and are looking forward to curating a collection of books that are special to him and our family. We recently ordered this baby Pantone book for him since both of us are designers and we are so excited to read it to him!

3. I ordered a couple pairs of these earrings before Christmas and they have easily become my new favorites! Kilee is my go-to gal for hair inspiration and this shop that she runs with her husband is full of so many cute, lightweight styles! I love statement earrings but don’t like the weight that they add to my ears — these are a win-win situation! I ordered the onyx pair and the signature champagne pair. I’ll most likely add a colored pair to my collection sometime this spring, too — I’m anxious to see what they release around Valentine’s Day!


4. I ran into Target the other day to make a couple returns from an online order and decided to walk around to browse for a bit before heading out. I came across this shimmer version of my favorite Easter candies and as I was making my way towards the checkout lanes, this mini Essie gift set caught my eye — it was marked down 70% as part of their Christmas clearance, and for $2.99, I couldn’t pass it up especially since I needed a true white polish! I tried out this color upon arriving home and I am loving this shimmery rose gold color especially now that Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

5. I’ve been trying to take advantage of being productive during this time before baby arrives and have been whipping up a bunch of stuff to put in the freezer for easy meals. I made a huge batch of cinnamon apple oatmeal in the crockpot the other night and it made our house smell so good! I just toss a bunch of old fashioned oats, diced apples, cinnamon, almond milk, unsweetened applesauce, vanilla, and a bit of brown sugar and butter into the crock pot for 4 hours on high and it’s so easy! I divided it up into individual servings and popped those in the freezer for easy breakfasts on busy mornings.


6. I’m still on my crazy smoothie kick and I’m also happy to report that I actually enjoy eating dates now. My friend Gina brought a tub of them into work last year and as much as I wanted to like them, they just weren’t for me. Well, I tried them again recently since the nutritional stats are so beneficial for labor and after a few days of them, they grew on me! Most days I pop them into a smoothie (unsweetened almond milk, part of a frozen banana, dates, spinach, ice, and cacao powder) but they’re not so bad on their own, either!


7. I’m off to my post due-date OB appointment this morning to see where we are at with baby (I’m 40w2d) and to talk about options if he doesn’t decide to make an appearance in the next few days (Ah, it feels crazy to even type that out — that we will have a little baby boy literally ANY day now!) I keep telling him “today is a good day for a birthday, little dude!” but he doesn’t seem to think so yet, ha ha).


8. While I’m out this morning, I’m hoping to pop into Caribou to pick up a few of the mugs and tumblers that I designed! My cousin texted me a pic the other day of this little tumbler that I illustrated and handlettered — it’s been so fun to see these popping up in the world!

9. We’re hopefully going to squeeze in another date night this evening so I’m looking forward to that as well — I might see if I can convince Andy that we need to go out for dessert as one last hoorah before baby! ;)

What are you looking forward to this weekend?
Do you prefer studs or larger statement earrings?