What's Up Wednesday #9

I'm linking up today for this month's What's Up Wednesday! You may check out my previous WUW posts by clicking here! I feel like the month of March completely flew by -- it's hard to believe it's already Easter this weekend!


What we're eating this week:
Lately my lunches have consisted of a bunch of random things such as cauliflower rice, veggies, chickpeas, avocado, nuts, etc. piled on a plate. 


What I'm reminiscing about:
Last week, I had an eye doctor appointment and it just so happened to be next to one of my favorite little spots -- I stopped in after my appointment to grab a treat and this macaron did not disappoint! It was huge and seriously the best one I've ever had.


What I'm loving:
Spring manicures and candy -- both of which have been a regular occurrence in our design studio! My nail polish organization riser can be found here. 


What we've been up to:
I've been sticking to a regular running schedule and now I'm to the point where I look forward to my runs because they're easy again! Getting back into running after a break is always so humbling, but once you cross over that threshold, it's so enjoyable! Also, I'm still obsessed with this water bottle that my sister gave me for my birthday!

What I'm dreading:
Nothing at the moment!


What I'm working on:
Still loving this Bible study that I'm doing long-distance with my bestie! She's cruising on it and I've been slacking the last few weeks, so I need to get cracking on it!


What I'm excited about:
Some really great things that are on the horizon!


What I'm watching / reading:
I've really been enjoying 911 on Fox, but the season finale was last week so now I'm in search of something new. As far as reading goes, I made it through another stack of books this month, and my book review will be up tomorrow morning! 

What I'm listening to:
I just wrapped up the Dirty John podcast a week or so ago and it was pretty good! I'd recommend it if you're into "Dateline" type of true crime / mystery stories! 


What I'm wearing:
Still sporting the North Face jacket and winter boots thanks to some cold and sloppy weather that we've been having. I'm looking forward to April so I can switch over to my favorite pink Hunter boots! 

What I'm doing this weekend:
Back-to-back Easter celebrations with the family -- we're heading to Andy's brother's on Saturday, and then Robertson Ranch on Easter Sunday.


What I'm looking forward to next month:
Spring weather! We had a few nice days in March, but the majority of it was cold, damp, and gray each day. I've been pulling out some of my spring colored clothes and even though it's chilly, that seems to help me feel like there's hope for spring! My white jeans are here, and pale pink top is here. I'm counting down the days until it's nice out and my weekends are spent strolling through the tulip gardens at the arboretum! 

What else is new:
Not much else, other than turning thirty!

Pick a few questions and answer them in the comments below!