January 2019 Goals

It’s a brand new year and I am SO excited!

December Goals Check-In:
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1. Finish Packing Our Hospital Bags
Done! There will be a few things I need to grab once it’s go-time such as my makeup and toiletries but they’re already in cosmetic bags and ready to go in case we need to leave in a rush!

2. Go on Dates Before Baby Arrives
Done! We went on a few holiday dates — not as many as we would have liked to due to some family things going on but we are thinking we can still do a few in January since baby will be so tiny and can just sleep in his car seat if we go out to dinner.

3. Fill Out My Tentative Birth Plan
Done! I was feeling kind of overwhelmed by this but after talking to a friend of mine about her method of writing hers, I whipped mine together and feel good about it!

4. Clean Off My iPhone

5. Nursery Prep
Done! I’ll be sure I share more once we get a couple more things ordered.

What a productive month it was! I think knowing that this was our last month before baby really lit a fire underneath me to get a lot of the baby-related tasks accomplished. Well, that and that whole “nesting” instinct that moms get before their baby is born is for real! A few of our closets got a good cleaning this month just because I felt like I needed to do something constructive, ha ha.

January 2019 Goals:

1. Have a Baby!
No big deal, right?!

2. Soak Up this Season
Babies don’t keep and I’m all for spending our days holding and loving on our new baby boy. Speaking of which, if you have any book or tv show recommendations, send them my way — I’m going to have a lot of down time while feeding him!

3. Participate in The Simplicity Challenge
We’ll see how this month goes as I anticipate it being a little bit of “survival mode” over here as we become nocturnal due to baby, but I’d really love to participate in this home organization challenge either this month or next to kick our year off on an organized note! I’ve heard most of these tasks take less than 15 minutes each and that feels pretty doable!

4. Have Grace for Myself
This is definitely going to be a month that is not only exciting, but also challenging as we learn how to best take care of our littlest love. I want to remind myself that it’s okay if the laundry piles up or if we’re still in our jammies in the afternoon. I also want to prioritize taking care of myself during this next stage of life — even if that’s just sneaking out for a pedicure, taking a hot bath once Andy is home and can watch the baby for a bit, or grabbing a latte with a friend.

5. Accept Help
This is SO hard for me but I know that we are going to need some help this month whether it be with meals, cleaning, or just having someone come over for company since it will be just me and the little guy during the day while Andy is at work.

What do you hope to accomplish this month?
Do you like to set goals for the new year?