Today marks a new decade for me as I enter into my 30s! I'm heading into the studio for a bit and then taking the afternoon off to grab lunch and do some shopping with my mom before meeting up with Andy for dinner later this evening. 

I feel like I've been talking about this day with my aunt for SO long -- 20s are crazy, you guys! You're trying to figure out your career, where (and how!) you want to live, and most importantly -- who YOU are. I'm so excited to start this new season and to partake in all that it brings.

^ 20 year old me

^ 20 year old me

Looking back on my 20s, some of my favorite memories that come to mind are:

  •  Meeting Andy (when I was newly 20!)
  • Traveling to Rome + Florence
  • Graduating with my design degree
  • Developing my illustration style
  • Running a half marathon
  • Developing a friendship with my Auntie, who has become such a mentor to me
  • Working with the awesome creative team at Duffy
  • Traveling with Andy: Maui, Lutsen, Sedona, etc.
  • Visiting (twice!) my best friend while she lived on Oahu (and swimming with dolphins!)
  • Watching my sister become a mom to my little nieces that I love so much
  • Movie nights with Andy even if I fall asleep on the couch almost every time
  • Learning more about myself and embracing who I am
  • Becoming friends with my sister
  • Committing to weekly date nights with Andy
  • Watching my best friend get married
  • Developing friendships with my creative team at work -- they make me laugh so hard every day
  • So many girls' nights -- chatting late into the night over snacks and wine

I'm sure I'll have some more reflections on thirty real soon, but for now, I'm heading out to grab my birthday Starbucks drink! :)

How old are you?
Do you have any birthday traditions?