April Goals

It's been hard to get into the "spring" mindset with it being so wintery outside! That being said, typing out "April" for this blog post title feels a little strange when the ground is covered in snow.


In regards to my March goals, I did fairly well:

1. Run 2-3x Per Week
Done! I stayed consistent with this goal all throughout the month and definitely feel like it's part of my fitness routine now

2. Update My Wishlist for My Birthday
I added a couple of items, but definitely need to revamp this whole wishlist sometime

3. Purchase a Glass Waterbottle
My sister gave me this one for my birthday and I LOVE it!

4. Take Becca on an "Auntie Date"
Done! We had so much fun and are already talking about doing another one once the weather warms up! 

5. Add a Few Spring Items to My Closet
I ordered this cardigan (in the blush color) that I absolutely love, and also purchased this top and these jeans. I also ordered two tees but they were cut shorter than usual, so I ended up returning them.

April Goals:

1. Drop Clothes Off at Plato's Closet
I've had a bag of clothes sitting in my closet for a couple months and they just need to be dropped off.

2. Get My Vehicle Detailed
This one is definitely dependent on the weather! I want to make sure winter is 100% over before making this appointment. 

3. Clean Out My Dresser Drawers
I'd also like to purchase a couple of drawer organizers from The Container Store to keep things like socks and cami tanks organized.

4. Schedule a Pedicure
Again, this one is a little weather-dependent! I want to get a pedicure so my feet are sandal-ready once we get back up to normal spring temps around these parts.

5. Keep My Desk Clean
I need to figure out a new organization system at work -- I always have so many project printouts and presentation files on my desk and it makes it hard to start my day with a messy desk.

What do you hope to accomplish this month?
What nail polish color do you like to have on your toes?