May 2018 Goals

This month is going to be a good one -- after such a long winter, we are soaking up every minute of this sunshine and warm weather! As usual, I have a few goals for the month, but first I'll recap my April goals:

1. Drop Clothes Off at Plato's Closet
This definitely didn't happen -- mainly due to it being so cold and snowy most weekends. My motivation for running annoying errands was pretty slim! 


2. Get My Vehicle Detailed
Done! I ended up doing this myself while at my parents' house a couple of weeks ago. 

3. Clean Out My Dresser Drawers
This didn't happen either -- whoops!

4. Schedule a Pedicure
Done! This felt so good and now my toes are ready for my favorite wedges this month! 

5. Keep My Desk Clean
Let's just say some days were better than others -- we move so quickly at work and since we design products, I almost always have 3-4 coffee cups / cold drink tumblers on my desk at all times in addition to lots of presentation printouts and sketches.

May Goals

1. Bible Study
My bestie and I are doing a Bible study together and I really need to get caught up! I'd love to schedule time in my planner where this is a regular occurrence for me.

2. New Pajamas
I love these summer pajamas that I purchased last year, but the top that goes with them is looking a little worn -- I'd love to purchase another set or two for summer.

3. Lunch Breaks
Now that it's finally nice out, I'd really like to take advantage of the lunch hour by walking outside for a bit to get some fresh air like I did last year around this time.

4. Transition to Outdoor Running
I've been enjoying running on the treadmills at the gym, but I'd love to take some of my runs outside

5. Book a Brow Appt
Aka have my sister help me shape these! 

What's something you love about the month of May?
What's one thing you'd like to accomplish this month?