Oh Baby!

I want to mention that I know pregnancy / babies can be a sensitive subject for some. I have a few close friends that have gone through years of infertility, endometriosis, and multiple miscarriages and my heart broke for them during this challenging time. I'm happy to report that they all have babies / kids now, but it definitely took a toll on them to get to that point. That being said, if pregnancy posts are triggering for you, please feel free to skip over these posts -- there will be plenty of regular life posts shuffled in amidst these. 


Thank you so much for the congratulations on our baby news! We've been dying to share the news and it feels so good to have it out in the open! 

We've nicknamed the baby "Little Pang" (our last name is Kaupang) for the time being and will continue to call it that until it is born -- we have some tentative names picked out, but won't be sharing them until baby is officially here! My official due date is January 9th, 2019 and we can't wait to meet this little baby right after the holidays!


^ Pic above is of baby at 10 weeks when it was just a little peanut (1.25 inches)! It's currently 10.5 inches long now! 

While this is still a lifestyle blog and won't be turning into a baby blog or anything, I plan to do pregnancy recaps on here so that I can look back and remember this special time as we begin our new life as a family of three! :)

Finding out:
I was super tired towards the end of April -- to the point where I would go to bed shortly after arriving home from work. No energy and just overall feeling just blah; I thought I might be getting sick so I took it easy. I took a pregnancy test on 4/29 and it was negative so I didn't think anything of it since it was still so early on (my period was due 5/7). Two days later, I was eating dinner and gagged a little after I finished my meal -- I thought it was a little weird, but overall felt okay, so I went on with my evening.

The next evening, I hit the gym to go for a run and it was so challenging -- my stomach hurt, I had no energy, and it was so hard to run even at a slower pace. I ended up leaving after 15 minutes of trying to get into a groove without any luck.

The following day, I was feeling lethargic at work -- could hardly sit up in my chair, nothing sounded good to eat, and I almost went home sick. Upon arriving home, I was suddenly starving so I made myself a sandwich and as I was eating it, I kept thinking "this tastes SO good right now." When I had one bite left, I was like "oh no," and instantly ran to the bathroom and threw up.

I took a pregnancy test immediately after and it came back negative -- frustrated because I couldn't figure out why I felt so icky, I left it in the bathroom and went to lay down and call Andy to tell him I wasn't feeling well. Side note, these pregnancy tests are the best things ever because they're super cheap and come in bulk. I kept them in my bathroom cabinet, along with disposable cups since you have to dip the strip to test (TMI?).

IMG_1178 copy.jpg

After awhile, I went back in the bathroom to throw away the test and it had the FAINTEST LINE EVER. You literally had to squint to see it! I called my sister to see if this was legit (she's had two babies) and she said YES, faint lines count as positives and to text her a picture! She called me back and squealed that YES, I was pregnant! I was excited, but still a little skeptical since it was so hard to see! I took a test the next morning and it was still faint, but slightly darker than the night before! 


I took another test the following week and the results were clear as day! I know it sounds ridiculous, but I feel like there's just something about taking a bunch of tests until you finally get a strong positive. I also saw my doctor the following week since my OB clinic asks that patients come in as soon as they get a positive test. I love that my clinic does this -- after they confirmed with a pregnancy test from their lab, my doctor came in and answered any and all questions for me. This really helped put my mind at ease since our next appointment wasn't until the 8 week mark (and I swear, the weeks go by so slowly in the first tri!),


How I told Andy:
I surprised Andy the following evening (after the first faint positive test) by telling him I got him something and then proceeded to pull out a little onesie! He was so shocked and excited! We went out to dinner that evening to celebrate our news -- it was so fun to chat about how our lives were about to change! This was such a special and happy evening that we'll always remember.

Sharing the news:
I know a lot of people wait until 12 weeks, but I immediately knew that if anything happened, I'd want the support of those closest to me. A few days after my positive test, I had dinner plans with my aunt, so I told her the news -- she knew that we were hoping to have a baby in the near future and was more than happy for us! 

I told my mom when we went to the Arboretum to celebrate her birthday / Mother's Day. I gave her a card that said "Happy Mother's Day, GRANDMA!" She looked at me confused, and I told her to read the next line that said "Little Pang arriving January 2019!" and she was so surprised! 

I also told my bestie when she MOVED BACK FROM HAWAII a week after I got the positive test. I'm just now realizing that I never blogged about this but I am SO happy that she and her husband, Christian, are living in MN now! 

As the weeks went on, I told a few close friends, but otherwise kept it a secret! 

More details:
This baby was planned, but I think we were both a little surprised by how quickly it happened! I made an OBGYN appt at the end of January since I was due for an exam but was also using the appointment as a way to test out a new doctor so that I'd have an OB to go to when I got pregnant. I ended up not really liking her and the clinic felt dirty and chaotic -- definitely not a good fit!

Fast forward to April, I went to see a new doctor to talk about pregnancy and it literally happened the week after I saw her. I ended up LOVING this doctor from the minute I met her and was so happy to have a new OB that I felt comfortable and confident about! It worked out really well because her office (as well as the hospital where I'll deliver) is super close to our new house! 

I wrote this post back in June, but since then we've had our anatomy scan, found out the gender, and I've started feeling some kicks! I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant and have been feeling great now that I'm in the second trimester. I have a first trimester recap post that will be going up soon -- along with a few other baby-related blog posts so I can get you all up to speed! 

I'm really looking forward to having a snuggly little newborn come January -- it's hard to believe that our baby will be here in just a few months! That being said, I feel like we still have SO much to do! We're going to look at cribs this week and hopefully place an order for one so we can start getting the nursery set up. 

What's your guess, boy or girl?!