10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 11

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1. I'm not a huge 4th of July person, mainly because it's SO hot outside. We're patriotic, but we've just never been ones to have a lot of plans during the week of the 4th.

2. I'm allergic to latex, cats, and mold.

3. I contemplated it for a bit a few years ago, but now my mind is 100% made up that I will never get a tattoo -- they're just not for me.

4. I always wanted another sibling while growing up -- preferably one that was older than me.

5. I wanted to play hockey as a kid but my mom said it was too dangerous so I stuck to dance, gymnastics, and running instead. As I'm typing this out, I'm realizing how much more of a safety risk there is with gymnastics vs hockey.

6. My instincts about people and situations are almost always spot-on. #trustyourgut #ENTP

7. I can only sleep on flat pillows -- super fluffy ones make me feel like I can't breathe since I'm a stomach / side sleeper.

8. I always think I don't like fruity desserts, but then anytime someone passes around some fruit pizza or pulls out a plate of lemon bars, I'm all like SIGN ME UP.

9. I rarely drink alcohol, but when I do, my drinks of choice are either a Paloma, Bailey's on the rocks, or a glass of Pinot Grigio.

10. I say s'mores weird -- it's more like "sa-mores" and I get called out on it every time!

What's a random fact or two about you?
Do we have any of the above in common?