Friday No. 21

1. I seriously keep forgetting that this weekend is Labor Day -- I'm really looking forward to having an extra day off on Monday since we have a few things on the agenda that we'd like to accomplish! We need a dining room table and are thinking of shopping around this weekend to see if there are any good Labor Day sales going on! We'd also like to shop for a cute little outfit for our baby so we can do a gender announcement next week -- I think I'm looking forward to this part of the weekend the most! 


2. Last night I decided to pick up dinner for Andy as a surprise since it was his first night of his fall semester design class that he teaches. On the way there, I decided to pick up Starbucks for both of us as well! I ordered my PSL and a mocha for Andy and was all excited to sit out on the deck and read my book while sipping my latte when I realized (once I was almost home) that I forgot to order it as decaf! I did what any normal person would do and called Starbucks to explain my mistake -- the barista said it was no big deal and to just come back another day, explain what happened, and they would make a new drink for me. Best customer service ever! 

3. After glancing at the calendar this morning, I realized that I need to sit down and dedicate some time to baby shower details this weekend -- October is going to be coming up fast and I want to get invitations out, registries completed, and food / decorations nailed down.

4. Speaking of registries -- I started one of ours the other night and there are so many options! Time to get down to business researching things like strollers and car seats! 

5. Other than that, other items on the weekend's agenda include steaming and hanging up our new shower curtain in the kid / guest bathroom, wrapping my niece's birthday gift, and watching our two nieces tomorrow night. This will be our first time watching them at our new house and I'm so excited to bake, walk to the park, and have a movie night with them! 

What are your weekend plans?
Any tips for baby registries OR recommendations for must-have baby items?