September 2018 Goals

This month kicks off my favorite time of year -- September through December have always been my favorites, even as a little girl. I'm really looking forward to these next few months of crisp weather, colorful leaves, seasonal treats, snowflakes, and holiday celebrations. 


You may read about my last month's goals here and my progress on them is below:

1. Paint! 
We decided to wait until this month to paint for two reasons: 1. We want to tour some homes in the Parade of Homes to check out color palettes before we commit to anything. 2. By waiting until the weather gets cooler, we can open all of the windows to help air the house out as the paint dries. The main reason for this is due to pregnancy -- I'm trying to stay away from chemical fumes for the baby's sake. 

2. Focus on an Intentional Evening Routine
I've been taking a lot of hot baths in our soaker tub, but definitely want to establish more of a routine with moisturizing my face, doing my meditation app, etc. I think this will be easier this next month as things slow down a bit -- August was such a full month for us with moving and me starting a new job.

3. Tap! 
Done! It felt so good to pull out my tap shoes and tap around my basement while listening to music. Fourteen years later, and the skills are still there! 

4. Unpack
We're about 90% unpacked -- there are a few boxes in the office, one in the master bedroom, and a stack in the basement that need to be opened and put away. They aren't really items that we use regularly, so they will probably be unpacked later this fall.

5. Start Shopping for a Dining Room Table
We've started looking around -- we love this one but don't want a veneer top. However, we did find a desk that we like for our front office, so we're toying with ordering this one! 

As far as September goals go:

1. Baby Registries
I want to get these nailed down since my baby shower will be next month! My sister is going to help me out since she's a pro with baby gear! 

2. Apple Orchard Date
One of my favorite fall activities involves visiting an apple orchard or two! Last year we went to a new (to us) one, and we had the best time! 

3. Utilize My Planner
My planner has kind of fallen to the wayside the last few months and I'd love to get back into being intentional with planning my days. I'd also like to get back to using an editorial calendar for my blog posts -- I used one last fall / winter and felt like it really contibuted to me posting regularly.

4. Finalize Baby Shower Details
I'm really looking forward to this and want to get all the details wrapped up in the new few weeks! 

5. Enjoy The Month
These favorite months of mine always seem to fly by so quickly, so I really want to be intentional about sitting outside, going for walks, enjoying anything and everything pumpkin flavored, and just savoring the start of this new season.

What is one thing you'd like to accomplish this month?
What's one thing you're proud of accomplishing last month?