What's Up Wednesday #12

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts and it’s one of my favorite ways to recap the past month! I'm linking up for this month's What's Up Wednesday! Click here to read entries from prior months! 


What we’re eating this week:
I’ve been on a squash kick (this occurs just about every September - November for me) and have been baking spaghetti, acorn, and butternut squash each Sunday afternoon to enjoy throughout the week. I typically mix the spaghetti squash with either marinara or butter and top it with roasted veggies and some ground turkey. As for the butternut + acorn squash, that’s usually enjoyed with a little butter and S&P. So good!


What I’m reminiscing about:
Nothing really — this is my favorite time of year so I am soaking up every drop of it


What I’m loving:
This weather and this season — all day, everyday.

What we’ve been up to:
Painting the walls of our main floor! We love the layout of our new house but weren’t crazy about the shade of gray on the walls (it tends to have a lavender-ish tint to it in certain lighting) so we are painting our entire main floor this color, changing our baseboards to a brighter white, and painting the fireplace mantel white. We’re talking about eventually remodeling the kitchen with white enameled cabinetry with a tile backsplash and lighter countertops but that will be after baby since this fall is already flying by with projects. Once the kitchen is done, we plan to rip out the carpet in the living room and office and do hardwood floors throughout — right now our kitchen and main living area floors are a warmer colored wood and we’d love to swap them out with more of a grayish toned wood flooring.


What I’m dreading:
Normally I’d be dreading when my favorite time of year ends (January 1st isn’t my favorite due to how cold Jan-March are). However, this year a little boy will be joining us around that time so I’m really looking forward to 2019 even if it means my favorite time of year is over!

What I’m working on:
Our to-do list before baby comes! This week includes researching strollers + car seats for our little guy.


What I’m excited about:
Everything about these next few months — fall festivities, the holidays, prepping for baby, etc. I’m SO excited to set up our Christmas tree once Halloween is over!

What I’m watching / reading:
All my favorite shows started up this week and I’m loving 911, This Is Us, The Resident, American Housewife, and Grey’s! My monthly book review will be up next week so be sure to check back for that!

What I’m listening to:
The Casefile podcast as usual, along with some Lorie Line piano when I’m at home — quite the opposite listening selections but there’s just something so relaxing about piano music


What I’m wearing:
Jeans, vests, jackets, and my Hunters

What I’m doing this weekend:
Testing out strollers + car seats with Andy and maybe taking a day trip to an apple orchard. Oh, and there’s also a new little cafe / bakery we want to check out as well!

What I’m looking forward to next month:
Savoring my favorite month

What else is new:
So, I have this new thing that whenever I go to a clothing store I have to swing by the baby boy’s department and take a look around. It just makes my heart so happy to see all of the adorable little flannel onesies, tiny puffer vests, and itty bitty boots.


Bonus Question: What’s your favorite pumpkin flavored food or drink?
PSL is my favorite pumpkin drink, and my homemade pumpkin bread is probably my favorite fall food. However, this is another top contender — I always buy multiple jars before they stop stocking the shelves with it towards the end of the season.

What tv shows are you watching this fall?
Do you enjoy painting?
I think I would like it, but I’ve been hands-off with our current project due to the paint fumes while pregnant!