Third Trimester Favorites

Out of the three trimesters, this one definitely flew by the fastest! Below are some of my favorite items that helped me through weeks 28 until the very end! If you missed my first trimester favorites, you may check them out here along with my second trimester favorites here.


Peanut Butter
I’m not sure whether to call these “cravings” or if it was a weird case of “nothing sounds good except for like four foods.” Either way, Trader Joe’s natural salted peanut butter was on heavy rotation through the past few months — I love this one because it’s not so thick like most peanut butters.

Ovia Pregnancy App
I used to check this app constantly in the very early weeks of my pregnancy but then things got even more fun towards the end because baby started doing more, growing more, and the timeline got closer and closer. I used a few other pregnancy apps but this one was definitely my favorite, mainly because it would show how big your baby’s hands and feet were each week!

Lavender Essential Oil
This helped me to relax and sleep a little better during some rough weeks of insomnia.

During my weird insomnia streaks of waking up in the middle of the night, I ate a bowl of cereal almost every time because it always helped me go back to sleep. Honey Bunches of Oats was my go-to for many weeks!

Another food that I couldn’t get enough of — many days 2-3 of these were consumed. We buy them in bulk at Costco each week and they are SO perfectly in season right now. Oranges were another daily occurrence— so refreshing!

Sleep Mask
Okay, whoever says that you have more energy after the first trimester was definitely not the case for me! I have never taken so many naps in my life — this sleep mask definitely helped me fall asleep faster when I tried to lay down while it was still light outside.

Nursery Recliner
We added this comfy recliner to the nursery right around Thanksgiving and I have been enjoying sitting in it SO much! I like to take my coffee up there on weekend mornings, read a book, and just relax. It’s definitely my favorite cozy little spot in our house!

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What’s the coziest spot in your house?
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