10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 4

I'm back with another round of 10 Random Facts About Me -- you may check out past versions here, here, and here. 

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1. I have this weird phobia around teeth and finger / toe nails. The fear of anything teeth-related started a few years ago and the nail thing was the result of my sister losing a toenail when we were kids. I had to have minor surgery on one of my toes a few years ago and it was awful because of this dumb fear of mine!

2. My ring size is 3.25 and because of this, my engagement ring had to be custom made because it was too big of a gap to size down an existing ring.

3. I love shoveling snow -- always have, always will! It makes me happy and it's a great workout! My sister and I used to always shovel our driveway and deck if my dad wasn't home to snowplow.

4. I don't like metallic nail polish and typically only use solid colors on my nails.

5. Whenever I eat hardboiled eggs, I have to cut them in half. It's this weird quirk of mine but I just can't eat them as a whole egg -- it freaks me out.

6. I hate swallowing pills and will usually suffer through a headache just to avoid taking something. I also lean more towards a holistic approach vs. conventional medicine unless it's something serious.

7. This may be TMI, but back in 2016 I came down with C. Diff. I was training for a fitness competition, had just started a new job, and was dealing with some family stress. I ran in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, came down with bronchitis because of it, then was on two rounds of antibiotics to kick it since the first round didn't even touch it. The extra antibiotics plus a weakened immune system due to physical and mental stress made me a perfect candidate for the infection. I was quarantined from work for three whole weeks and luckily no one else ever got it (probably because I'm a germaphobe and I bleached everything).

8. I can't sleep with my hair down -- even now that it's short, I pull the top half up into a messy bun or ponytail before bed.

9. When I find something that I like, I go all out. For example, I recently discovered the J. Crew Toothpick jeans and purchased them in the Lyric wash. I then proceeded to buy this pair and this pair a week later. BEST jeans ever -- you need a pair in your life. I'd say the lyric wash runs a little big, while the black and bryson washes run true to size.

10. Once I got bit by a Chihuahua while hiking Gooseberry Falls up north. The dog came up and bit me point blank and by the time I got my pant leg rolled up to look at the damage, the dog's owner had run off and was nowhere in sight. 

Do we have anything listed above in common?
What's a random fact about you?