October Goals

October is definitely my favorite month of the year and I'm hoping to soak up every bit of it because it always flies by so quickly! I'm one of those crazies that secretly loves when we set the clocks back an hour in the fall -- cool, cozy evenings at home are one of my favorite parts about the season! Soft lights, candles, fall tv shows, and seasonal foods such as chili, squash, and pumpkin spice flavored everything are music to my ears! 

Each month, I set five or so goals for myself and I've got a new stack of them for this month! Before I list them out, let's do a quick recap of my September goals:

1. Dermatologist Appointment
Booked! I couldn't get in until the middle of this month, but what counts is that it is scheduled and on the calendar! 

2. Journal
This one was a fail -- I didn't even open my journal once this past month! 

3. Organize My Computer
Done! This feels SO good to have everything organized using a system that works for me

4. Black Trench Tailored
This was another fail -- jackets weren't on my mind since our September was unseasonably hot this year! I figure at this point I might as well just wait to get it tailored, because by the time it's completed, it will probably be too cold to wear my light trench coat. (I typically switch over to my North Face by early November).

5. Slow Down
I felt like I did fairly well with this goal and was intentional with my time in September. I structured my days well and balanced commitments and free time well.

Below are the five goals I'd like to accomplish in October:


1. Go to the Gym 3x / Week
This one has been a long time coming, but I'd love to establish a new fitness routine before the holidays / January Joiners madness begins. I was active all summer but really didn't spend much time inside of the gym -- mainly because I was in a bit of a fitness rut. I have a blog post covering this planned for the near future. :)

2. Bake an Apple Recipe
I've been craving apple cake or something of the sort, so I'd really like to accomplish this sometime in October! I'll most likely complete this goal with my nieces when I babysit them since my sister has an awesome kitchen and my two year old niece loves to bake.

3. Take New Headshots
I'd like to get new outdoor headshots (to reflect my short hair) taken for my website and social media before the weather gets too cold to do so! I'm going to schedule a haircut for mid-October and will most likely have them taken that week so my hair is fresh and ready to go!

4. Start Thinking about Christmas Shopping
I'd love to have all of our shopping done before December 1st so that we can enjoy the season (this will probably be a November goal). I plan to make my lists of gift ideas this month so that I can keep my eye out for gifts whenever I'm out shopping.

5. More Time with Friends
Lately I feel like I haven't been as intentional about scheduling time with friends. I'd love to make this more of a priority this month -- things like coffee dates, going for walks, or grabbing lunch with those close to me always bring me so much joy! 

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What's something you'd like to accomplish this month?
What was something that you accomplished in September?