10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 3

I'm back with another round of 10 Random Facts About Me -- you may check out past versions here and here. 


1. Popcorn is my all-time favorite snack and we make it at home on the regular. Growing up, my family used to always make homemade popcorn whenever we'd watch a movie and I always loved it so much! We used to use one of these, but after a close encounter with some popcorn landing on our flat-top stove and starting on fire, we switched to this handy little popcorn maker.

2. My favorite months of the year are all of the ones that end in 'ber! September through December is my absolute favorite time of year -- it's filled with cooler temps, fall leaves, cozy evenings, snow, and the holidays! 

3. I love ice cream but don't like any flavors that have a chocolate base. My favorite ice cream flavor is moose tracks, with cookies & cream and mint chip being close runner-ups. I also don't enjoy fruit-flavored ice cream because it reminds me too much of yogurt, which I enjoy -- but not as a dessert.

4. I used to chew gum constantly and then gave it up cold turkey a couple of years ago mainly due to the amount of artificial sweeteners in it.

5. Board games are one of my favorite things to do with others and I love a good game night! Some of my favorites are Clue, Scattergories, Monopoly Deal, and Backgammon.

6. I don't like drinking cold beverages without a straw.

7. I prefer wearing jeans compared to any other type of pants; I also only buy quality denim, which makes a huge difference in the fit and comfort level. I rarely wear leggings as pants because they make me feel so frumpy! 

8. I've recently realized that I don't like delivery / takeout pizza but love other kinds of pizza. 

9. As a child, I was allergic to red dye #40 and #5 and once had to be rushed to the hospital because of it. I later grew out of the allergy which now makes me think that is really odd or I was misdiagnosed. 

10. I was burned by a sparkler one 4th of July and have been afraid of them ever since -- I haven't touched one in over 20 years.

What are some random facts about you?
Do we have any of these in common?