10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 13

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1. The only thing I like about Halloween is the candy — once it’s over, I’m SO ready to deck the halls. My favorite candies include 100 Grand Bars, Kit Kats, Sour Patch Kids, Bottle Caps, Sweetarts, and Swedish Fish.

2. If I wake up earlier than anticipated, it’s rare I’ll fall back asleep — this is both a blessing and a curse because I get a lot done in the wee hours, but I’m also one of those people that needs 8 hours of sleep to function. I’m also trying to enjoy my sleep as much as possible right now knowing that baby will be up all through the night come January!

3. Once I spent the night at the Mall of America — my Girl Scout troop and I had a “field trip” at Underwater Adventures and we got a behind the scenes tour and then slept on the conveyer belt with the glass aquarium above us.

4. I’m really particular about my hair and makeup and prefer to do it myself as opposed to having it done for a special event. However, I do love when my sister does my eyebrows because she is a pro at those and I’m still working on my skills in that area.

5. I absolutely love taking naps — even more so now that I’m pregnant.

6. I always return my library books on time and am super particular about constantly checking my “checked out” tab online to make sure I don’t have anything past-due.

7. I’ve always known I’ve had a latex sensitivity but this past week, I’ve found out that it’s a severe allergy that will cause me to break out in head to toe hives.

8. I’m obsessed with Williams Sonoma — especially around the holidays. Plus, they have the best cider around!

9. I typically won’t take medicine unless I absolutely have to — I just never feel good about putting chemicals like that in my body. This is also super ironic because I LOVE candy, which is pure chemicals.

10. I love boy names for girls and also using last names as first names.

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10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 12

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1. Jello freaks me out — especially if there is fruit in it.

2. I always wished I had a ton of freckles — my friend Hanna has the prettiest skin with lots of freckles on her face and arms and I always envy it!

3. I don’t like shopping under pressure. For example, trying to find an outfit for an event that week or something stresses me out like none other!

4. When I was little my favorite book was 52 Timesavers for On-The-Go Moms. It was actually my mom’s but I definitely read it cover to cover multiple times throughout my elementary school years. It probably wouldn’t hurt to give that another read now that I am a mom.

5. One day I would love to write an autobiography, own a home organization company, be a food stylist, and become a psychologist that specializes in mind-body disorders. #dreambig

6. I love clean eating but can’t pass up original Oreos. I also don’t enjoy Golden Oreos — only the chocolate ones. The originals are my favorite, but the red velvet ones are pretty good too.

7. I can’t do runny eggs — I remember eating them as a kid but if I had to do it today, I would literally lose my lunch.

8. I love to consolidate things — like take multiple things and combining them into one to reduce clutter. It is seriously so satisfying!

9. Here’s a list of weird smells that I like: water out of the hose, paint, lumber / new construction, craft stores, old library books, and those cinnamon Christmas ornaments, 

10. I don’t like things that have a cult-like following. For example, I don’t ever fan-girl and I typically prefer to watch tv shows after their popularity has died down a bit.

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10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 11

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Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 10.20.18 AM.png

1. I'm not a huge 4th of July person, mainly because it's SO hot outside. We're patriotic, but we've just never been ones to have a lot of plans during the week of the 4th.

2. I'm allergic to latex, cats, and mold.

3. I contemplated it for a bit a few years ago, but now my mind is 100% made up that I will never get a tattoo -- they're just not for me.

4. I always wanted another sibling while growing up -- preferably one that was older than me.

5. I wanted to play hockey as a kid but my mom said it was too dangerous so I stuck to dance, gymnastics, and running instead. As I'm typing this out, I'm realizing how much more of a safety risk there is with gymnastics vs hockey.

6. My instincts about people and situations are almost always spot-on. #trustyourgut #ENTP

7. I can only sleep on flat pillows -- super fluffy ones make me feel like I can't breathe since I'm a stomach / side sleeper.

8. I always think I don't like fruity desserts, but then anytime someone passes around some fruit pizza or pulls out a plate of lemon bars, I'm all like SIGN ME UP.

9. I rarely drink alcohol, but when I do, my drinks of choice are either a Paloma, Bailey's on the rocks, or a glass of Pinot Grigio.

10. I say s'mores weird -- it's more like "sa-mores" and I get called out on it every time!

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10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 10

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1.I'm obsessed with LaCroix (even more so in the summer months) and usually drink two per day. We buy it in bulk from Costco each week and my favorite flavors are cran-raspberry, coconut, and lime.

2. Whenever I'm in the car, I like to listen to the radio but only if it's music -- I flip between stations whenever there's a morning show on. If there's no good music on, I switch over to a podcast or drive in silence.

3. If I don't eat a snack before bed, theres a 100% chance I will wake up hungry in the night.

4. Like hammerschlagen, skee ball is another hidden talent of mine.

5. I love board games but have zero patience for doing puzzles.

6. I absolutely love birthday cake -- especially when its marble cake with white frosting. Also, my preferred frosting to cake ration is 2:1.

7. I love when our carpets are freshly vacuumed and there are vacuum lines on them -- it instantly makes it feel all clean and fresh in the room.

8. I only like mushrooms in small quantities, such as on pizza but can't eat them raw or without them being incorporated with another food.

9. I would love summer if I lived in a state that didn't have humidity.

10. I used to think I would hate kombucha but now I'm obsessed!

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10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 9

Okay, so remember when I was going to do a linkup for these? Totally spaced on that when life got super busy! I'm thinking that might need to be a future thing, because there's a lot on our plates right now and blogging isn't always my first priority when life gets busy. :)


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1. I have always loved dance and gymnastics and could watch it all day. 

2. I don't enjoy wearing dresses -- I used to love them and I think I overdid it on them one summer at work. Jeans for life!

3. For the longest time, my favorite color was teal, but now it's definitely pink. I find this so interesting, because I'm really not a girly-girl at all, yet so many of my clothes are pink.

4. I lean towards a very proactive approach to my health and prefer to eat healthy, stay active, and get any health symptom checked out as soon as it pops up rather than waiting to see if it goes away on its own. 

5. I love running, but not in organized races -- I ran a half marathon in 2010 and will probably never run in a race ever again. Solo treadmill and outdoor runs are more of my thing! 

6. One of my favorite things ever is spontaneous plans. I love texting a friend at the last minute saying "hey, want to grab dinner?" or receiving a text that says "I'm in your neighborhood -- want to grab a coffee?" I just love the thrill / excitement of unexpected plans.

7. If a book or tv show / movie doesn't capture my attention in the beginning, I will abandon it and find something else. I'd rather invest my free time into something that is capturing my attention rather than forcing myself to sit through something that is just so-so.

8. I love eating outside on patios, but whenever we go out to eat during the winter, I always ask for a booth -- I just love the more private feeling of it verses sitting at a table out in the open! 

9. Unless it's summer time, there's a 100% chance that I'm sleeping with socks on. So many people find this quirk so odd since there are blankets on the bed, but I'm always freezing!

10. I'm abnormally sensitive to smells, tastes, and sounds and just recently discovered the reason why. More thorough blog post on this topic to come! 

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