Setting goals has always been a part of me that I attribute coming naturally to me thanks to my top strengths. I like getting things done and making progress -- therefore, I can't envision my life without having some sort of goals that I'm always working towards.


Even though goalsetting comes very naturally to me, there are still actions that I need to take to work towards and accomplish the goals that I set.

1. Write It Down
I blog about my goals every month, and doing so not only helps me to be intentional about choosing and accomplishing them, but it also holds me accountable since I check in on the previous month's goals at the beginning of the next month.

2. Break Larger Goals Down
Some of my goals take longer than just a day to finish, so I like to break those down throughout the month (or year, depending on the size of them) to make them more manageable. For example, when I set the goal of renewing and changing my name on my passport, one week I stopped by the DMV for the application and to have my photo taken. The next week I sat down with a cup of coffee and filled out the application. It felt a lot more manageable to break it down since it was a goal that wasn't too enjoyable.

3. Have Grace with Yourself
Some months I nail all of my goals, while others slip away from me. Other times, I realize I've set too lofty of a goal for myself in too short of a period of time (I'm looking at you, Christmas cards), so I like to look at the bigger picture. Does this absolutely have to be done this month while I'm feeling spread too thin? If not, I'll often bump that goal to the next month and carry on.

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What's one goal you'd like to accomplish this year?
What's the hardest thing for you about setting / accomplishing goals?